Like a broadway encyclopedia

I’m an actor and I’m always looking for great resources to help with my character and industry research... this is AMAZING! So great to have this here as opposed to the usual “clipping” articles and saving tabs on my laptop. Thank you to the folks who created this <3


Thank you to David Armstrong for educating me in an in depth but simplistic way. He’s ability to convey complicated circumstances for a novice brain is remarkable. It’s not just facts but incites into the era/culture/and social stature of the time which gives an ability to take yourself out of the present but to the past in which he is referring. I look forward to many more for my own edification and education. Thank you again

Can’t wait for each episode

David Armstrong and Albert Evans offer a rich cultural history lesson in each episode that is far from stuffy and highly entertaining. Their goal is to show how the “outsiders” created the Broadway we know now and, in the process, they reveal a fascinating view of American society, politics, and art and what happens when they intersect. Example: Episode 3’s depiction of the bizarre origins of the “Cakewalk.” I will NOT miss an episode.

Loved it!

I learned so much about something I thought I knew so well. If you love Broadway musicals, this is the podcast for you!

My regards to Broadway Nation

This well-produced and polished series offers a compelling narrative of the origins and journey of the Broadway musical. Fascinating stories, engagingly told, and interspersed with music, present a clear and complete look at America’s most popular art form!

Great podcast

I heard this episode in advance and can’t wait for all of you to hear this and future podcasts! You won’t be disappointed.