A lively and opinionated cultural history of the Broadway Musical that tells the extraordinary story of how Immigrants, Jews, Queers, African-Americans and other outcasts invented the Broadway Musical, and how they changed America in the process.In Season One, host David Armstrong traces the evolution of American Musical Theater from its birth at the dawn of the 20th Century, through its mid-century “Golden Age”, and right up to its current 21st Century renaissance; and also explore how musicals have reflected and shaped our world -- especially in regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, and equality.

About the Host



Host, Writer, Producer

David Armstrong is the producer writer and host of the popular podcast BROADWAY NATION, which was inspired by a course he teaches at the University of Washington School of Drama on the history of the Broadway Musical. During his 40 years career in the professional theater he has worked as a director, writer, producer, and choreographer on Broadway and at many leading theater companies across America. He is best known for his work at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle where from 2000 to 2018 he served as the Producing Artistic Director and Executive Producer. During his tenure The 5th produced 19 new musicals, including nine that subsequently moved on to Broadway including the Tony Award winning “Best Musicals” HAIRSPRAY and MEMPHIS.