Dec. 1, 2022

Episode 89: More Of Why We Love/Hate Movie Musicals!

Episode 89: More Of Why We Love/Hate Movie Musicals!

With special guest Albert Evans

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This is the second half of my conversation with my dear friend and frequent co-host, Albert Evans, in which we explore the differences between stage and film musicals. If you missed part one you may want to catch up before listening to this one.

Of course, we don’t really hate any movie musicals, and as you heard on the previous episode and will continue to hear on this one, we actually love quite a few of them.

 Hollywood and Broadway musicals are closely related to one another and share many of the same writers, directors, choreographers and stars – which is no doubt why many books and other podcasts analyze and discuss them together. But, as you will hear, Albert and I see stage musicals and film musicals as being two very wonderful, but very different things.


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