Oct. 14, 2021

Episode 41: Fifty Years On Broadway -- with Lee Roy Reams!

Episode 41: Fifty Years On Broadway -- with Lee Roy Reams!

On Richard Rodgers, Agnes DeMille & Making Gay History in Applause

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This is the second part of my conversation with Broadway actor, singer, dancer, director and choreographer Lee Roy Reams whose nine Broadway musicals span from Sweet Charity in 1966 to The Producers in 1996, and as you will hear – he is still going strong!

If you missed Part 1 you may want to listen to that episode first. We left off there with Lee Roy leaving his job as a dancer on the Carol Burnett Show in Hollywood and heading back to NYC because he was determined to move out of the chorus and start playing principal roles.

The many shows, stars and Broadway creators that we discuss include Richard Rodgers, Agnes DeMille, Gemze De Lappe and the 1969 Lincoln Center revival of Oklahoma!;Lauren Bacall, Penny Fuller, Bonnie Franklin, Ron Field and the Tony Award winning Best Musical Applause; as well asCarol Channing, Comden & Green, Joe Layton, Ernie Flatt, Peter Gennaro, and the musical Lorelie. And more!


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