Dec. 22, 2022

A Special Encore Episode: "White Christmas" — The Story Behind The World's Most Popular Song, part 1

A Special Encore Episode:

Celebrating The 80th Anniversary of Irving Berlin's Masterpiece

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This is a special holiday reprise of one of Broadway Nation's most popular episodes: It's an audio version of a Broadway Nation Live! performance that was presented in December of 2019 at the Vashon Center For The Performing Artson Vashon Island just outside of Seattle, WA.

Several previous episodes of Broadway Nation have explored the crucial role that the Jewish-Russian immigrant songwriter, Irving Berlin, played in the invention of the Broadway Musical. This time I share the story of how he also invented an entirely new category of popular song – the Christmas standard.  

This live show features musical performances by Cayman Ilika, Eric Ankrim, Chris DiStefano, and Albert Evans. 

Next week we will be back with part two. 

Happy Holidays!

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